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We are a contemporary art gallery in Switzerland, specialising in Shona sculptures.


Memorial ceremony for a famous Shona sculptor

The family and his artist:ing community bid farewell on Feb. 18 in Chitungwiza Zimbabwe....

Gallery aperitif

Until the end of March every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Apéro in the Theiler Art Gallery!...

Art Friends 2023

Theiler Art Gallery at Art Friends 2023...

First generation Shona sculptor

Learn more about the famous first generation Shona sculptors.

Shona sculpture called Water Spirit by Bernard Matemera made of serpentine.

Bernard Matemera

A Shona sculpture with a face called "Moonhead" by Henry Munyaradzi made of serpentine stone.

Henry Munyaradzi

A Shona sculpture with a face called "Double Face" by Nicholas Mukomberanwa made of serpentine stone.

Nicholas Mukomberanwa

Sculptures on offer

  • Shonas Sculpture from Lloyd Marowa. Limestone


    Lloyd Marowa CHF 700.00
  • 1


    Moses Mkundi CHF 200.00
  • Shona Sculptor from Richard Mteki


    Richard Mteki CHF 500.00

Origin of the Shona Sculptures

On the history of the emergence of Shona stone sculpture with famous artists from Zimbabwe